How to Publish SEO Friendly Post Title For More Blog Traffic?


Many bloggers do not care for SEO; they simply select a search engine friendly theme and begin publishing the articles. This led their blogs to strike by Google Algorithm updates like Google Panda and Penguin.

Higher search engine ranking depends on your Blog theme and the title of your blog posts. In case you have a site of over 100+ bars, some articles of your site may be popular, and a number of them may not be a favorite one.

How to Publish SEO Friendly Post Title For More Blog Traffic?

Have you ever wondered why just a few posts are prevalent in your own blog? Because without knowledge, you have kept an internet search engine friendly article name for all those posts.

1 rule of thumb is; your Keyword should be in the post title, and a lot of the writers make an error by just adding Keywords and not taking care of optimizing for better CTR.

Having Keywords on your post title helps a good deal, but your overall article name makes a huge difference in regards to increasing the CTR.

Like I said, SEO friendly titles are significant for better search engine ranks. Also, it must that your content has to be attractive, differently…… You know what happens, nobody opens your blog’s link in the search engine, and nobody clicks your article’s name on the homepage to see.

In the following guide, I’m going to share with you”How to write the search engine friendly title that will not just give you more organic visitors but will also boost the CTR.

The Example name I’ve shared here’s”The best way to get more blog traffic.” In the following, I’ll be making this name a Search engine friendly title.

Measures to Write SEO Friendly Title

If you are new to SEO, I repeat myself by saying your Keyword should be part of your Post title. You may refer to this Harsh manual on how to write different post titles for readers and Search engines. One suggestion that I want to live here, Always Compose your post title after finishing the post.

Analyzing the Keyword of this Article

Allow me to explain how I examine my article’s keyword searches in Google. I’m going to write a guide, namely”How to get more site traffic.”

I first Open Google Adwords Keyword instrument, and that I assess the contests, No. Of searches…Etc… In my article’s main keyword. After evaluating, I discovered more investigations in the keyword”Generate blog traffic,” and there is low competition. Now I’ve found the main keyword I must insert in my title.

If you are one of those who like Long-tail keywords, I suggest you try SEMRUSH or Ahrefs as this tool helps you find long-tail keywords based on your seed phrase.

Use the primary target keywords for your title.

Now I have found the keyword that I should insert it to my post title. First, I said that I’m going to maintain my title as”How to get more blog traffic” once I added the primary keyword in the Post’s title, and after I had made some adjustments in the name, I left it.

“Traffic Generation guidelines to increase your website’s traffic.”

The name that I’ve created is search engine friendly and appealing, too; this type of attractive title makes people eager to start your post and read it.

80 percent of this part is finished. You can find it in step 3!

Adding Numbers: The Finishing Touch!

Since 80 percent of the part on earning SEO friendly article title is over! Now it’s the time to add a finishing touch to this article’s title! The next 20% is incorporating some amounts or Prefix-suffix to your name to further enhance CTR. I’ve written seven ways to get more blog traffic within that report. As I’ve written seven tips for increasing traffic, I must mention”7″ on the Post title. So I left it.

“7 Awesome Traffic Generation Tips to Obtain a blog’s visitors .”

Wow! Now I have made an internet search engine friendly title for my blog article, which too attractive!

Bonus Tip:

It does not matter what number of the name you use, but be sure your Permalink remains clean. So instead of having a permalink such as

It is Far Better to have

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