How to Rank Website on Google?


Thousands of new websites are indexing in Google every second, so the competition is going high day by day. Listed as a top-ranked website, is assumed generally as the best and trustable website.

How to Rank Website on Google

For every website that wants to maintain the name in this high level of competition, that is the utmost thing that your website should be relevant to the user’s needs. If you want to know how to rank a website on the first page of Google, remember the 5 below discussed methods in this article. Above all, Google believes that public acceptance is more important.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the combination of different strategies and techniques used to increase the traffic for any website that results in a high ranking on the first page. SERP (search engine results page) can also take your website to the top of the Google search engine. It also makes the website comprehensible for users and the search bots.

Five Ways of SEO to Improve your Website’s Ranking

These 5 suggested techniques will help your website to rank perfectly;

  1. Relevant Content:

Relevant content based articles are the key factor that your website needs the most. The quality content is published mainly for the target user that ultimately increases the traffic of the website. You should be well aware of the user’s search capabilities and use those keywords on every page of the site several times. Bold headings and tags should be added in the content that would be easier to drag the traffic to land on your site.

  1. Updating Content:

Search engines do notice the daily or regular updates on the site. So keep updating fresh and related content on your website correctly daily. It shows the best relevancy of the website.

  1. Metadata:

Metadata is the information about the content of your article of page. There is a defined space between <head> tags.

Title metadata is the vital one on the page; website teams have an automated system to create these Meta. Description metadata is what a browser used to show to the user. To the point and appealing description, attract the audience.

4.Proper Linking:

You must have seen the term “click here” on different sites; try to write the landing page’s real name. As click here has no valuable search except the URL. The linking can take the user to the page to improve the ranking of the page you linked.

5. ALT Tags:

ALT tags are used to describe visual and video media or any alternate description of the text. These ALT tags are helpful to locate your page quickly, which is not easy, particularly for those who use only screen readers.

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