The Way to Repair the 503 Service Unavailable Error On Your WordPress Site


WordPress has Lots of common errors Which are simple to fix, However, If It’s a”502 bad gateway error” or Even”503 services Inaccessible error,” it Could get Quite Bothersome to Repair.

These errors are not readily traceable, and this is why we will need to troubleshoot to find the reason and then repair it. In this tutorial, I’ll show you.

“How to Fix HTTP error 503. The support is unavailable.”

But before this, I’m going to spell out what is “503 services unavailable error” and how it looks on the monitor.

503 service unavailable mistake is just a server-side error that appears when your waiter receives the request but cannot process it or isn’t ready to manage the demand. It typically appears on WordPress when your server is under care or due to the host’s overloading. Sometimes, a faulty PHP code into your theme or plugin can create the 503 mistakes too.

It could appear otherwise, depending upon the browser, server settings, servers, or systems. Some times you may see the 503 services unavailable error as follows:

Please Try Back Again later.

Great. Now, do you know what’s error code 503 and how it can appear on various platforms?

Within this tutorial, I will address a few popular and helpful hacks to quickly fix the 503 services temporarily inaccessible Error.

Let’s look at the fixes!

In WordPress, 503 Service Unavailable Error is untraceable, so we’ll try different troubleshooting ways to learn what can cause this error.


When a WordPress site faces high traffic, these servers become overloaded and display that this mistake. Wait for a little while, then try reloading the page as this error is most likely temporary and can automatically resolve in a few minutes.

If it works, then you definitely never need to read farther. However, if it really doesn’t, then carry on reading to resolve this problem.

2. Assess your Plugins

A poorly coded PHP script in a plug-in is just one of the very usual culprits which cause a 503 error.


For this reason, you want to find out which plugin caused this mistake. For this, you want to access your web server via FTP and deactivate all the WordPress plugins.

Open FileZilla FTP client and fill the various fields to get into your web server.


Today Earn a Brand-new empty folder/directory and Name it”plugins

The plugins are empty, and also my plugins folder contains all the plugins that are installed.

Today go to your WordPress website, also. If it runs without any problem, then this means you of your plugins caused this mistake.


Next, you want to delete the empty plugins folder and change the name of this”plugins” folder into”plugins.”

Every one of the plugins is all deactivated. Start triggering the plugins one at a time and see your website after each activation, and soon, you find the one who caused this mistake. Once found, use another plugin, or you can contact their support to resolve the error.

If you haven’t located any faulty plugin, then read further.

3. Assess your Themes

Faulty PHP scripts may be a reason behind the 503 services unavailable error. Thus, you want to check for the wrong PHP scripts from the themes folder. For this, you will need to alter the name of this activated theme folder to anything you like.

Then pay a visit to your site, and if a white screen looks as opposed to a mistake, then this means that your motif was causing the problem. Take a back-up of the triggered theme and delete it in your live server. Join to your wp-admin panel and activate the default theme.

Get in Touch with Your Hosting Providers

If most of the solutions mentioned above aren’t working and the malfunction 503 service unavailable remains revealing on your own WordPress site, then you definitely want to check your hosting service. Contact your hosting supplier support, and they’ll allow you to resolve the situation.

Now you are aware that WordPress 503 service unavailable error is actually a server-side mistake; also, it appears on your website due to several reasons, including host maintenance, faulty PHP script in plugin/theme, temporary overload, and even other reasons. Through the abovementioned solutions, though, it is possible to quickly mend 503 service unavailable errors.

I hope that this tutorial helped you know”How to resolve the 503 Service Unavailable Error in WordPress”.

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